houseplants in winter

Houseplants in Winter: Care, Lighting, Fertilizer, and More

Quarantine has us bursting with houseplants, and while we know how to care for house plants in the winter, we have so...
Hands Gardening

The Many Benefits of Companion Planting

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of companion planting? Read on to learn about how this system will increase your yield and more!
Philodendron selloum plant on a small pot

Caring For Your Philodendron Selloum: 9 Pro Tips

There are so many reasons to keep plants in your home, from helping with air quality to adding a vibrant and green aesthetic. But...
herbs on small pots

7 Best Tips For Growing Vegetables Indoors

Growing vegetables indoors is a great way to liven up your house, filter your air, and of course create a steady supply of delicious...
using coffee grounds in the garden

Why You Should Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Who knew that coffee grounds in the garden is an option? You may have seen your local cafe putting their used coffee grounds outside...

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