Flowers and Plants

concrete head pot detail showing eyes and small leaved vining ivy

Head Pots Galore! 12 Wonderful, Wacky, Beautiful, and Kitschy Planters

So you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and include houseplants in your home decor. Great! But choosing which species to include...

Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants For Urban Gardening

Growing plants indoors can be a tricky business, particularly if your room or your office doesn’t receive sufficient light. Fortunately, with the introduction and...
vivarium plants

Vivarium Plants You Need to Thrive in Your Tropical Habitat

If you keep amphibians or reptiles as pets, you want to provide them with the best environment possible so they can thrive...
Rooftop garden with balcon

How to Get Started With a Roof garden

It's hard not to find rooftops in metropolitan areas speckled with gardens. That's because in an urban setting, space is limited and...
One of the easiert beginner houseplants to grow, with pink and green leaves.

20 Beginner Houseplants You Need in Your Collection

Growing plants can be intimidating for a beginner, but it shouldn’t be. The following list contains 20 beginner houseplants that are perfect...

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