Flowers and Plants

basic miniature garden

Miniature Garden: Everything You Need To Know

Are you a fan of miniatures? We are too. There’s something just so innocent and cute about a miniature set. One of our favorite...
growing mint indoors

How To Grow Mint Indoors: Guide & Tips

Mint is a versatile herb that can be used in sweet and savory dishes. Growing mint indoors is surprisingly easy. Click here to find out more!
Plants and computers but is buying plants or cuttings online safe?

Is Buying Plants or Cuttings Online Safe? 12 Safety Tips You...

Is buying plants or cuttings online safe? This question has become a common concern in today's gardening...
Philodendron selloum plant on a small pot

Caring For Your Philodendron Selloum: 9 Pro Tips

There are so many reasons to keep plants in your home, from helping with air quality to adding a vibrant and green aesthetic. But...

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