Gardening Tools

About Indoor Compost Bin

Indoor Compost Bin Options: The Best 8 Money Can Buy

Are you exploring the possibility of getting an indoor compost bin? That’s the right way to get started on composting. About 35 percent of...
Garden Scissor

How Using the Best Garden Scissors Makes Plants Look Their Best

Rose bushes and green plants are beautiful to look at, but they require lots of maintenance. Garden scissors are essential for keeping plants healthy.
LED Grow Light Bulbs

LED Grow Light Bulbs – The Best Ones for Your Home...

It’s impossible to over-emphasize the importance of selecting the right LED grow light bulbs to meet your indoor gardening needs. It’s a big step...
garden hand tools

Garden Hand Tools: Our Favorite and Functional Tools

Do you find the garden hand tools section of the hardware store overwhelming? If so, it's time to learn what those tools do, and which ones you need.
Garden Mat

Which Garden Mat is Best for Your Garden? – Tips on...

If weeds are making gardening more of a chore than a pleasure, a garden mat might be what you need. What's that? A garden mat, sometimes called landscape fabric, is a sheet of organic or synthetic material that lies over the soil of your garden, and acts as a barrier for weeds. This means less weeding for you. But how do you choose?

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