Herb Gardening

sample of a hydroponic garden

Hydroponic Garden: What is It, How It Works and What are...

During the 1600's several techniques were used to protect horticultural crops against the cold. These included glass lanterns, bell jars, cold frames and hot...
Humidity Dome

How to Choose the Best Humidity Dome for Your Home

When it comes to cloning and growing seeds, a humidity dome will be your best asset. They're easy to use, but choosing the best may not be quite as easy.
Cottage Garden

What is A Cottage Garden and How It Works?

Have you always wanted to have a garden but thought it would take a lot of work? What if you could create your own...
Indoor Garden

How to Start an Indoor Garden: Everything You Need to Know...

Many people think an indoor garden is a luxury. However, using available house space to host your garden is actually a lot easier than you think.
Vertical Vegetable Garden

Growing a Vertical Vegetable Garden – All you Have to Know

How urban gardeners can successfully plan and grow a vertical vegetable garden. Advice, step-by-step instructions and everything you need to know.

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