Gardening is a beautiful way of passing the time. And it's even better if you have the right garden accessories. You get to stay in the sunshine and give your body the chance to enhance vitamin D production. Science shows that vitamin D is great for helping your body strengthen bones by improving absorption of phosphorus and calcium. That is not the only great thing about staying out in the sun. The production of vitamin D also reduces your risk of heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

There is also the workout that you get when you garden. This activity can work up a sweat. Did you know that you can lose anywhere from 270 to 400 calories per hour just gardening? No bad for an hour’s work that involves doing something enjoyable, right? So, why not arm yourself with some gardening tools and accessories and start gardening today?

About Garden Accessories

About Garden Accessories

The term "garden accessories" certainly is broad. It covers a multitude of products across a seemingly endless sea of suppliers. From tools to ceramic gnomes, seeds and soil to bird feeders, you'll find no shortage of garden accessories in stores or online. Whether you're looking to spruce up your landscaping with a nice flower garden or planning to grow your own delicious vegetables, you're going to need garden accessories.

Price Ranges for Garden Accessories

Giving a price range for all garden accessories would be impossible. An envelope of seeds will cost you under a dollar, while a 12-foot Koi pond will run tens of thousands. Garden accessories are diverse and accessible, however, so you will find a low, mid-range, and high-end price range for just about every product you want.

11 Best Garden Accessories

The following are our choices for the best garden accessories. They are highly rated tools, decorative items and more, all of which will make your shopping easier.

How we reviewed

We took the time to go through different accessories and reviewed them based on several factors. We determined the best garden accessories based on design, uniqueness, affordability, overall attraction factor, portability, and practicality. The popularity of the products and customer reviews also played a role in our reviews.

[amazon link=”B01H4LZR1E” title=”Scuddles Garden Tool Storage Kit” /]

[amazon box=”B01H4LZR1E”]

The Scuddles garden tool set includes 8-piece heavy duty gardening tools and accessories. These tools, all made of stainless steel, include a shove, mini-rake, a hand weeder, trowel, cultivator, transplanting spade, a premium garden tote bag, and heavy-duty gardening gloves.

All tools have wood handles and holes for convenient storage. The nature of the materials used to make them ensures that they are durable. The tote bag material is double gauge cotton, which makes it durable and less likely to rip easily. The kit comes with extra pockets for additional storage and better organization. It is also machine washable. It’s quite affordable.

 Customers love it for its affordability and portability.

[amazon link=”B07GN5HM4C” title=”The Best Industries 50ft Expandable Garden Hose” /]

[amazon box=”B07GN5HM4C”]

This expandable garden hose is 3750D fabric and latex. The materials used, including four layers of latex, make this hose resistant to bursts and flexible enough to expand from 17 feet to 50 feet. The tube is designed to avoid kinks, tangles, and twisting. The nature of the material used also makes it lightweight, ensuring the water hose is easy to maneuver and store after use.

The water hose has advanced connector protectors. These ensure that there is no water leakage during use. The superior brass connectors and shut-off valves used guarantees that the water hose will not rust.

Customers love it for its strength and durability.

[amazon link=”B01EURPHR4″ title=”Keter Cozies Plastic Planter Set” /]

[amazon box=”B01EURPHR4″]

This plastic planter set is a useful gardening accessory to buy if you are looking for something to grow your garden plants in. Each set consists of two pots – one medium and one small. Their surfaces both feature braid-inspired knit designs that come in multiple colors. The planters are lightweight thus making them easy to move around to suit your design taste.

The planters contain a removable liner made for maximum ease of use. Each has a drainage plug for indoor or outdoor use thus allowing for easy plant maintenance. The planters are polypropylene resin construction. This material does not rust, get dented, peel, fade, stain, or unravel. The planters are, therefore, quite weather resistant and durable regardless of whether they're for indoor or outdoor use.

Customers love this planter set for their interesting knit design and multiple color availability.

[amazon link=”B000PSVDGM” title=”Mosser Lee ml1122 Pearl Stone Soil Cover” /]

[amazon box=”B000PSVDGM”]

Pearl stone soil cover is an Amazon’s choice garden accessory that works wonders for those that keep indoor and container plants. It can be used to cover the soil of those plants. It can also be used to line the bottom of pots and containers to help improve water drainage from the soil. You can also use it in decorative and craft projects.

This stone soil cover is suitable for dish plants, terrariums, and aquariums. It is easy to work with and adds a final touch of beauty to all potted plants in your garden.

Customers love the stone soil cover for its ability to aid the potted plants as well as their beauty.

[amazon link=”B01LX0JBUU” title=”Koram 10 Set Seed Tray” /]

[amazon box=”B01LX0JBUU”]

This seed starter tray kit has a humidity control dome and base tray. The dome helps control water evaporation and keeps seeds moist. The tray provides warmth to the plant bed and helps control moisture levels. Each cell has a drain hole at the bottom. These help with proper drainage and reduction of root over-saturation. The set is easy to use for the cultivation of flowers, fruits, trees, and vegetables. Other things included within the Koram seed starter tray are 10 plant labels, seedling widger, and seedling dibber.

Customers love this seed starting set for its sturdiness.

[amazon link=”B074VFZ1Y8″ title=”Planter’s Choice Bamboo Plant Labels” /]

[amazon box=”B074VFZ1Y8″]

Are you looking for interesting plant markers? Well, these bamboo plant labels are an excellent option for you. Bamboo is a grass and therefore a sustainable plant. And these labels, made of 1005 bamboo are an Eco-friendly gardening accessory option. These T-markers are 4 inches tall and 2.15 inches wide. They, therefore, provide ample space for you to write each plant name and date. They are 1/16 inches thick, which makes them strong and durable. You can reuse them thus get more value for your money.

Customers love the fact that they are made of bamboo and are therefore sustainable.

[amazon link=”B00YQUSERQ” title=”Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches” /]

[amazon box=”B00YQUSERQ”]

Looking for something to ease your aches when gardening? Perhaps this gardening kneeler will come in handy. It features an elevated kneeling pad, which will help reduce pains from prolonged kneeling. The elevated pad will also keep your knees from grass and muddy ground. Also, this product can be flipped over to become a garden chair. You can then use this chair to tend to higher plants and shrubs.

The gardening kneeler and seat comes already assembled. It is easy to fold, lightweight and yet sturdy due to its steel frame construction. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds. This seat and kneeler also come with two complimentary gardening tool pouches. You can attach them to with Velcro and then insert all the gardening tools that you need to garden.

Customers love it for its sturdiness and ease of use. However, the fabric will fade when exposed to prolonged sunshine.

NoCry Professional Canvas Work ApronB0722HKCMG

[amazon box=”B0722HKCMG”]

A gardening apron is one of the most essential gardening accessories. And the NoCry canvas work apron is a good choice. Its construction is sturdy 600D Oxford canvas material. They double sew the straps to the apron. The material used makes it waterproof and durable. It has an ergonomic design that enables it to distribute weight across your shoulders and is therefore comfortable to use.

This work apron has 16 tool pockets. You can easily organize your gardening tools and move about with them without having to keep on going back to your toolbox. It comes with a guarantee, which means you get a replacement or your money back if it is defective.

Customers love it for its sturdiness and ease of use. However, it only fits people with waists up to 55 inches.

[amazon link=”B01JV40GSQ” title=”Mark & Margot Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine” /]

[amazon box=”B01JV40GSQ”]

No garden accessories list would be complete without a garden statue, right? Well, this garden cat statue is worth considering. The figure consists of a hand-painted resin cat that is eating gnomes. It’s cute and quirky. The sculpture has been made of handcrafted, lightweight resin material and is thus durable and of high quality. You can move it around and place it in a strategic area of your garden where it can stand as a centerpiece. It’s also small enough to be placed indoors if that is what you prefer.

Customers love it for its cute factor and crisp colors. However, it may not be the best choice for those looking for a much larger statue.

[amazon link=”B00004SD7D” title=”Fiskars Kangaroo Collapsible Container” /]

[amazon box=”B00004SD7D”]

This collapsible container is ideal for collecting your yard waste including grass clippings and weeds. It has a volume of 30 gallons and yet folds to 3 inches when empty. That makes it space saving and easy to store. When in use, the internal spring pops it up and voila!

The handles are sturdy to allow for easy carrying and unloading. The bag is vinyl-coated polyester construction. That makes it mildew- and tear-resistant, durable and yet easy to clean. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Customers love it for its sturdiness and durability.

[amazon link=”B002YOL0UO” title=”Gardman Glazed Ceramic Hanging Bird Bath/Feeder” /]

[amazon box=”B002YOL0UO”]

Do you want to add to the beauty of your garden by attracting more birds? Well, this glass birdbath bowl is an excellent option. Inspired by Tiffany stained glass it has a weather-resistant finish to prevent rusting. The birdbath bowl is embossed and includes chains and metal S-hook for hanging. The glass surface is easy to clean and only requires warm water. It weighs just less than four pounds and is thus very portable and easy to move around the garden. The colors help make the bird bath very attractive, and the chain is strong enough to hold the bowl when it’s full of water.

Customers love it for its attractiveness and sturdiness.

Find the Best Gardening Accessories for Your Needs

If you are looking for gardening accessories, then those included in this list are some of the best around. They are affordable, practical, highly rated by customers, and will be an exciting addition to the gardening accessories that you already have. So, get what appeals to you and see how it works for your garden!



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