If you are interested in growing your own food all year round, a hoop house kit or greenhouse is an essential part of your growing arsenal. Urban homesteaders and commercial farmers alike are increasingly aware of the enormous benefits and incredible return of investment available on hoop houses. Hoop house kits come in all shapes and sizes, and we will consider the best options for those growing plants in all of the United States Department of Agriculture's hardiness zones.

Many hoop house kits are long-lasting and easy to construct. The U.S. government is encouraging farmers to install high tunnels to increase their productivity and efficiency. They can be used to help farmer grow strawberries, tomatoes, salad groups and herbs, as well as flowers, both commercially and for domestic use, efficiently cutting down on water use and labor.

This article will consider the best hoop house kits available and highlight companies who are also fighting to help save the planet and encourage people to live in a more sustainable way.

What Is a Hoop Kit

A hoop greenhouse, or high tunnel, is a simple and cheap alternative to traditional glass or plastic greenhouses, and it can be bought in the form of a hoop house kit, which is easy to self-assemble. Hoop houses are usually covered with a greenhouse film or woven fabric to protect growing crops and are the in-between option for homesteaders and small farmers from growing in the open to growing under traditional greenhouses.

It is possible to connect different hoop houses together, from single bay to multi-bay to increase length, and this is a great idea for those just beginning their self-sustainability living adventure, as it is easy to start small and expand at a later date. The most common hoop house kit designs are the gothic style and round hoop house. Self assembly hoop house kits normally contain hoops made of plastic or anodized steel, coverings of up to triple-ply polythene, and support posts.  

Is There a Benefit to Having a Hoop House?

bananas, carrots, cherries and eggplants

Hoop greenhouses extend the growing season by protecting your plants from frost at the beginning and end of the growing season. They also allow growers to germinate seeds and plant plants out earlier, as they will warm up the soil in the same way as a traditional cold frame. You can also harvest for a longer period of time, as they will protect your crops when colder weather sets in. They keep out high winds and damaging torrential rains, protecting your plants in all seasons.  

You can directly control the moisture level inside the tunnel through the use of ventilator flaps and air circulation accessories, and overall, they reduce your time, effort and labor in providing a safe optimum environment for your plants. Hoop houses can be placed directly over the ground or situated over plant pots, containers or raised beds.  

They will also increase your yields by keeping out diseases and pests,as well as reduce moisture loss from the soil saving water.  

How to Choose the Best Hoop Greenhouse Design

Key Factors

The most important factors to consider before deciding which hoop house kit to purchase for your individual growing needs are:

  • Your local climate - do you experience high winds or heavy snowfall?
  • Location - how much space do you have available?
  • Intended crop use - does your intended crop(s) need extra ventilation, insect protection or UV light protection?
  • Foundations - larger heavier constructions, which are to be permanent may require purpose-built concrete foundations
  • Budget - what is your available budget and anticipated ROI?

Less expensive options include woven polythene, which may be suitable for your crops, and hoop house kits using this material often have flaps that can be easily openedup or rolled down. Different coverings include UV filter Greenhouse Film, Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Fabric and Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse film, to name just a few supplied from FarmTek (see below). Most farmers expect to replace their coverings every four to five years, but this depends on your climate and intended use.

Anchoring kits are most important for growers living in harsher climates, as most hoop houses are anchored through ground posts in the soil. Setting concrete for posts is recommended for permanent structures, although this is not necessary for the hoop houses that are designed to be portable and used for crop rotation. Mounting feet are also available with some hoop house kits,. such as Emerald Houses, offering additional heavy duty support trusses.


  • Irrigation systems: drip systems, misting or sprinkler systems - these are often paired with timers to give automatic daily watering
  • Circulating, exhaust and tube fans - these circulate air in early spring and late fall when you prefer to keep all vents and flaps down
  • Solar powered roof vents- very useful for taller structure, solar powered automatic roof vent openers are available
  • Thermostat heaters - space heaters can further extend the growing season and can be electric or gas-powered
  • Shade cloth - available in customized sizes in all colors and densities and reduce excessive moisture loss in the Summer

Where to Buy Hoop House Kits

greenhouse garden

Greenhouse Megastore

Environmentally Friendly Suppliers                          

FarmTek  and GrowSpan

Bestseller No. 1
30pcs Greenhouse Frame Kit Fits 3/4/5ft Or Wider Garden Hoops Raised...
  • 【DIY Garden Hoops Kit】includes: 30 fiberglass hoops, 17" in length, 25 metal connectors, 20 plastic clips(for...
  • 【Install Greenhouse Frame】Assemble 4+ rods using connectors for 3ft-5ft or wider raised bed, bend it and hoops will...
  • 【Sturdy Material】Our high-quality greenhouse stakes are made of durable fiberglass with a large diameter of 0.24",...
Bestseller No. 2
Mini Greenhouse Tunnel Greenhouses for Outdoors, Green House Hoops...
  • Get A Headstart With Your Plants: This mini greenhouse is perfect for starting your plants, small greenhouse provides a...
  • Easy Assembly & Portable Design: No tools required, the tunnel greenhouses for outdoors is easy to assemble! Simply...
  • Multipurpose Small Greenhouse Kits: Garden hoops measure 21.6"x 18.8", greenhouse cover measures 200"x 64", which can...
Bestseller No. 3
VEVOR Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse, 20 x 10 x 7 ft Portable Plant Hot...
  • 【Excellent Air Ventilation】With 12 mesh windows, our tunnel greenhouse can keep out small "annoyances" and increase...
  • 【Upgraded Galvanized Frame】We upgraded he galvanized steel to 0.8" diameter and 0.02" thickness. This high tunnel...
  • 【High-Quality Waterproof PE】The walk-in tunnel greenhouse comes with a PE cover, which can protect your plants from...



hoop house with a man standing outside

Image by Rebeccavalleyview of Pixabay

A hoop house kit is not inexpensive but well worth the investment, as many homesteaders and commercial farmers testify to a doubling or tripling of their annual yields after installation. Not only do hoop houses increase your yield, but they also minimize your time, energy and costs after their construction.

Creating an optimum moisture level for your plants becomes easier, protecting plants from insects becomes much easier and watering can become completely automatic if you set up an internal irrigation system on a timer. Different coverings from single-ply polypropylenes for milder climates to 4-ply polypropylene coverings, along with anti-condensation or UV filter, allow you to customize your hoop house to fit your individual needs precisely.  

There is a wide range of options and manufacturers producing excellent products for small commercial farmers and domestic growers and homesteaders. Those highlighted above are the key companies across the states that have established national reputations for the quality of their products and the sustainable manner in which they produce hoop houses.

Once you have determined your exact requirements, you can confidently take the next step to growing your own crops for yourself and your family all year round by making an informed purchase. Then, you will be ready to increase the profits from your time, labor and investment for the foreseeable future

Featured Image: Photo by João Jesus from Pexels

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