Macramé plant hangers are making a return to the scene due to COVID 19 lockdowns spurring thousands upon thousands of people to enter the plant hobby. If you are looking for macramé plant hangers for sale, you might be one of us.

As plant collections grow, space becomes scarce as plants fight for prime spots near optimal sunlight conditions. On top of that, those with pets and younger kids struggle to find harmony between them all.

Fortunately, where there is a will, there is a way to have your plants, pets, and children, too.

How Did We Get Here?

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Back in the 1970s, the popularity of macramé seemed to dwindle, but due to millions of people hanging out at home yearning for something new to look at, here we are in the macramé scene.

Also, hanging your plants solves a lot of problems.

For instance, hanging your plants solves space problems, and it maximizes the most sought-after real estate for plants.

Your plants are out of the reach of children and pets as well. Some plants are toxic to animals, so having them up and out of the way is vital.

Easy access and your point of view are a consideration, as well. When your plants are eye level, you create a nice view. If you are spending a lot of time indoors, you may as well make your space visually pleasing.

On the other hand, macramé plant hangers do have their own set of frustrations. Fortunately, there are so many macramé plant hangers for sale that circumventing problems take only a little planning.

What to Consider with Macramé Plant Hangers for Sale

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Macramé plant hangers are a practical and artful way to display plants, but there are many styles of plant hangers. Every knotted plant hanger has its caveat.

When choosing your hanger, consider the plant size. While macrame plant hangers may be flexible with what size pot they hold, there are limitations.

Also, handling watering your plants while in a hanging planter has its own set of considerations to minimize the mess.

Furthermore, where and how to hang your planters is a consideration. Plants have specific sunlight needs. However, not every window in your home may be optimal for hanging a planter.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options to meet your needs.

How to Water Plants in a Macramé Hanger

When looking for macramé plant hangers for sale, know that watering plants housed in a macramé hanger is not necessarily complicated.

However, overwatering your plants can lead to issues.

For instance, many knotted hangers have a tassel at the bottom, and when you overwater, it drips down the tassels before it gets to the floor.

This may not seem like a big deal if you have a darker-colored plant hanger, but many options these days are white or light-colored. Dirty plant water might discolor your plant hanger.

Even though not all planters have drainage holes, many plant owners add them for drainage.

Not all pots have trays either. Fortunately, you can find plant saucers in multiple colors and sizes to suit your needs.

These plant saucers are lightweight and very low profile. They are big enough to hold any water mishaps but will not visually take over the aesthetic you want.

Macramé plant hangers with tassels are trending

When you think of the knotted macramé plant hangers for sale from the 1970s, you probably think of the intricately knotted ones with the tassels at the bottom.

If you worry about dripping water, but you have a plant saucer to handle it, jump in with the traditional bohemian look you may remember from your childhood.

Tasseled macramé hangers come in a variety of colors and lengths. Primitive Planters has a set of two hangers that are both 36 inches in length.

These macramé plant hangers handle pots 8 to 12 inches. Also, the hangers are UV-coated so that you can use them outside without the color fading. The knotwork is simple, and there is a bead at the very top.

However, if you are looking for the same length but with a more natural look, consider Primitive Planter’s Natural Jute fiber macramé hangers. This option is also a two-pack, and they feature more beads.

Some are relatively simple, while others take on that handcrafted artsy look you might need for your décor.

To tassel or not to tassel

Also, you might consider the macramé plant holder’s features if you are worried about watering mistakes.

Some macramé plant hangers for sale do not have tassels at all. In fact, some plant hangers marry the idea of a floating shelf and macramé into one piece of unique décor.

Décor Love’s Macramé Plant Hanger features a tray for setting pots that allows you to display more than one plant in one location.

This holder features a twisted cotton cord with wooden beads, and the tray has a raised edge and is 12 inches. The entire planter hangs at 35 inches.

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We like this planter because the raised edge hides the planter’s saucers and can display small décor and plants together. We have two of these hanging macramé planters, and they are very sturdy, as well.

If you want a more traditional hanging planter without a tassel, consider Mkono’s Macramé Plant Hangers. This option is a three-pack of hangers and is ivory, although it has a jute version.

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The set comes in 23, 29, and 35 inches, and we can personally attest to these hangers’ sturdiness. We have a variety of pots in these hangers, and one is rather heavy. If you are concerned about heavier pots, you won’t be let down.

What Plants Work in Macramé Hangers

Macramé plant hangers

While any plant can find a cozy home in most macramé plant hangers for sale, some plants look fantastic hanging. Most trailing plants love having the room to grow freely. In exchange for space, they give you a beautiful indoor view.

If you need a longer holder that works for pots up to 12 inches, Flora Bunda’s Cotton Hanging Macramé Plant Hanger is an option.

The 43-inch holder has the handcrafted knotwork for which macramé is known. A hanger this size can showcase your larger spider plant or heartleaf philodendron nicely.

If you have a smaller trailing plant and wish to see it cascade, Flora Bunda has the Wood and Macramé Plant Hanger where the pot nestles in, and the foliage spills forward. It is 33 inches in length and nearly 16 inches wide.

Picking the Right Size of Macramé Plant Holder

Fortunately, most of the macramé plant hangers for sale are remarkably forgiving when it comes to plant and pot size.

If you need a flexible hanger, avoid beads near the base. Beads down low do not always sit right on larger planters.

Also, consider the knotwork and the way your plants grow. For instance, the Cuttte Macramé Plant Hanger has knotwork that begins further down the hanger.

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This hanger accommodates a pot up to 8 inches, but there is less clearance for foliage. Therefore, this is perfect for a plant without much height or that tends to cascade down.

By contrast, the Mkono Macramé Plant Hanger can handle a pot of up to 9 inches, and there is plenty of space for plants to grow upwards.

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How to Hang Macramé Plant Hangers

As you look for macramé plant hangers for sale, you might wonder how to hang them. Fortunately, you have several options.

Often, macramé plant hangers hang from the ceiling. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you find a hook that can bear your planter’s weight.

Also, the ceiling itself is crucial to consider. You might need a set of Heavy Duty Swag Hooks to account for hollow ceilings.

If your ceilings are too high, you might consider Elwiya’s Rustic Iron Wall Hooks for a sturdy way to hang your planters from the wall next to your window.

However, pay attention to the distance your macramé plant hangers should be from the wall when your pot is in it.

If you need more distance from the wall, consider Mkono’s Hanging Plant Bracket with an 8-inch reach.

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Lastly, we can attest to the function of adding a wood shelf above your windows if your ceilings are too high or your ceiling is inhospitable to hooks.

Csonka’s Custom Rustics has excellent Lip Shelf Brackets, and all you need is to add a wood board. The sizes of the brackets are designed for typical boards found at any hardware store. Add as many hooks as you desire to the shelf and enjoy your hanging plants.

How to Arrange Macramé Plant Hangers

While browsing for macramé plant holders for sale, you are likely also wondering how to arrange your plants in front of your windows.

No matter how much space you have, the possibilities are endless. However, there are a couple of issues of which to be aware.

Most importantly, note the light requirements of your plants. If you have succulents, window placement matters more than for your shade-happy Philodendron.

Also, as you plan how to orientate your plants, think about the length of the hanger.

For instance, if your window is lower, take a look at shorter hangers. As we learned the hard way, a plant such as the String of Bananas grows fast and long. Therefore, it does not take long for the plant to drag to the floor.

Incidentally, some plants, like the String of Bananas, are incredibly hard to untangle from a hanger when it is 5 feet long. Choose your plant hanger wisely for difficult to untangle plants.

Ultimately, deciding how to arrange your plant hangers comes down to the needs of your plants, your unique hanging limitations, and your personal preference.

Be Inspired

Macramé plant hangers have come a long way and are trending again. For some, macramé never went out of style, and for others, it is a new and fantastic bohemian expression.

Whatever your motivation, macramé is a versatile aesthetic sure to help you attractively display your plethora of plants.

There are considerations when looking for macramé plant hangers for sale.

You must consider if your pots have drainage holes and planter saucers. Also, the pot’s size and the length of the hanger itself matter when you factor in your plant’s needs and available space.

Before you start hanging your plants, be sure to evaluate how your hangers are anchored to the ceiling or the walls.

With all the options available, you are sure to find a way to display and enjoy your plants for ages.

How did you display your plants? Answer in the comments.

A teacher by trade, Victoria Caine splits her free time between freelance writing, her camping blog, and (frantically) guiding her teenagers into becoming functional adults.

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