Do you have a green thumb but not enough yard space for a full-fledged garden? Have you ever considered gardening with a mini greenhouse? Whether you’re an expert gardener or just looking for an attractive centerpiece for the living room, a mini greenhouse could be just what you need. Some species of plants need starting earlier than their specific growing season, especially if you’re starting from seed. If you live in a colder than average region, you’ll need to start these plants inside. A mini greenhouse is the perfect piece of equipment for the job.

A mini greenhouse also allows you to extend your overall gardening season. Just move your outdoor plants inside and place them in a mini greenhouse on the windowsill or a table in a well-lit room. When warmer weather returns, you can return said plants to their former location outside. After you build a mini greenhouse, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

What Exactly Is a Mini Greenhouse?

 mini greenhouse

A greenhouse is a structure equipped with walls and a roof consisting of see-through materials such as plastic, plexiglass or traditional glass. The primary purpose of a greenhouse is to regulate the climate in which plants grow. For example, growing lettuce outdoors in the wintertime or cultivating tropical plants in a much harsher environment.

A mini greenhouse, therefore, is just a smaller version of a full-sized greenhouse. Mini greenhouses can be used indoors or outdoors, unlike their larger versions which are strictly outdoor structures. However, for the most part, mini greenhouses are typically found inside the home. Sometimes mini greenhouses are used for storing outside plants inside during the winter. Other times they are used for growing various types of plants indoors, such as kitchen herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

That said, as I mentioned above, mini greenhouses can and are also used outdoors. Even though these outdoor mini greenhouses are somewhat massive compared to the windowsill and tabletop mini greenhouses found indoors, they are still considered mini compared to the much larger traditional greenhouses.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Mini Greenhouse?

glass mini greenhouse

So, now that we’ve covered what precisely a mini greenhouse is, let’s go over some of the main benefits of using one. Aside from looking awesome and being a good conversation starter, a mini greenhouse has many versatile benefits for plants including:

  • Stabilizes temperature
  • Improves humidity
  • Creates higher levels of carbon dioxide, promoting faster plant growth
  • Protects your plants from pests such as animals and insects
  • Reduces harmful plant diseases
  • Extends gardening season
  • Looks attractive indoors
  • Makes a great hobby

A mini greenhouse is also an excellent and interactive way to educate children about plants and horticulture in general. Not only are they great for inside the home, but they also make an excellent addition to classrooms and offices.

Where Can I Use a Mini Greenhouse?

Mini greenhouse with plants

You can use your mini greenhouse just about anywhere that gets light. Whether that is in your backyard, the windows of your home, or the coffee table in your living room. A mini greenhouse is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Not only are mini greenhouses great for inside or outside the home, but they also make an excellent addition to classrooms and offices.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mini Greenhouse

wooden mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouses of all shapes and sizes have become available on the market. With so many options to choose from, it’s a bit of a challenge selecting the perfect one. Here are a few of the most vital considerations to make before deciding on the best mini greenhouse for you.


Frame materials



Best Mini Greenhouses of 2018

Here are a few of the best mini greenhouses to get your hands on in 2018. These products appear in no particular order.

[amazon link=”B00J1QXXSA” title=”Socker Mini Greenhouse by IKEA” /]

[amazon box=”B00J1QXXSA”]

One of the most currently famous mini greenhouses is the Socker by IKEA. It is perfect for sprouting seeds or growing a handful of plants. The frame consists of steel with a polyester powder coating. The glazing is polystyrene. It also comes with adjustable roof vents. The product’s measurements are 17.75 by 13.75 inches.

[amazon link=”B002RB683S” title=”Mini Greenhouse by H Potter” /]

[amazon box=”B002RB683S”]

Another favorite mini greenhouse is the miniature indoor garden by H Potter. This one is a throwback to the conservatories of the 19th century. Its construction is of lead-free solder and a hinged roof which makes it super easy to water. The entire structure can lift off of your plants to more efficiently care for your plants. It has a 2-inch deep plant tray and measures 9.5 by 5.5 by 10.5 inches.

[amazon link=”B01MZ5B0TE” title=”Portable Wooden Mini Greenhouse by Giantex” /]

[amazon box=”B01MZ5B0TE”]

The Wooden Mini Greenhouse by Giantex is entirely portable. It comes with doubles shelves and a beautiful design. It has a foldable top affixed to the structure with two bolts. The construction is high-quality wood. It is easy to move, each part is detachable, and you need no tools for assembly. Slightly larger than many mini-greenhouses in the same class, it provides additional space for more plants. This greenhouse is available in four different sizes.

[amazon link=”B01FIISF0U” title=”Mini Greenhouse by Deco” /]

[amazon box=”B01FIISF0U”]

Deco also makes an excellent mini greenhouse which is perfect for those who wish to grow air plants such as cacti and succulent. It comes with a sleek black brass design including ventilation and a hinged roof. The products measurements are 5.9 by 5.1 by 11 inches. It is available in five versatile versions: hinged, pyramid, sphere, tall, and teardrop.

[amazon link=”B000NCTGQE” title=”4-Tier Mini Greenhouse by Gardman” /]

[amazon box=”B000NCTGQE”]

The 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse by Gardman is another excellent product to consider. It is perfect for starting plants from seeds on windowsills, patios, backyards, and more. It consists of tubular steel from that can be set up in minutes without the use of tools. The glazing is clear polyethylene, and it has a roll-up zipper door. Measurements are 27 by 18 by 63 inches. There is also an option for expert assembly when you order this mini greenhouse on Amazon.

[amazon link=”B00GONXKUE” title=”3 Tier 6 Shelf Mini Walk-in Greenhouse” /]

[amazon box=”B00GONXKUE”]

This product is the only walk-in mini greenhouse to make our list. It is much larger than most other mini greenhouses, measuring 56 by 29 by 77 inches. Its frame is made up tubular steel and is powder coated. The cover consists of PVC, and the inside has a six-level shelving network. It weighs 19 pounds.

DIY Mini Greenhouse

In the case that you are more of a do-it-yourself type, we tracked down one of the most common sense (and affordable) DIY mini greenhouse ideas for you to try at home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two 8"x10" picture frames for the largest sides (or comparable)
  • Two 5"x7" picture frames for the smaller sides (or comparable)
  • Four 4"x6" picture frames for the roof (or comparable)
  • A hot glue gun and a handful of glue sticks
  • Paint of your choice (optional)
  • Duct tape (same color as the frames/paint)

Here’s how you put it all together:

  • 1
    Remove the backs to the picture frames and paint them if you desire to do so.
  • 2
    Glue the edge of the 5"x7" frames to the 8"x10" frames to create the main box.
  • 3
    Glue two of the 4"x6" frames together side by side and repeat with the other two 4"x6" frames.
  • 4
    Place the edges of the double 4"x6" frames in an A-frame shape and run duct tape across the top, this will be your roof.
  • 5
    Set the roof on top of the main box, and you're all finished!

There you have it! A mini greenhouse for your home!




[amazon link=”B00J1QXXSA” title=”Socker Mini Greenhouse” /]

[amazon fields=”B00J1QXXSA” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B00J1QXXSA” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B002RB683S” title=”Mini Greenhouse” /]

[amazon fields=”B002RB683S” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B002RB683S” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B01MZ5B0TE” title=”Portable Wooden Mini Greenhouse” /]

[amazon fields=”B01MZ5B0TE” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B01MZ5B0TE” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B01FIISF0U” title=”Deco Mini Greenhouse” /]

[amazon fields=”B01FIISF0U” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B01FIISF0U” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B000NCTGQE” title=”4-Tier Mini Greenhouse” /]

[amazon fields=”B000NCTGQE” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B000NCTGQE” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00GONXKUE” title=”3 Tier 6 Shelf Mini Walk-in Greenhouse” /]

[amazon fields=”B00GONXKUE” value=”thumb” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B00GONXKUE” value=”button”]

The Bottom Line About Mini Greenhouses

Whether you merely love gardening, or you want to add some greenery or flowers to your home’s decor, a mini greenhouse is an excellent investment. For starting seeds in the early spring, growing spinach in the coldest climates, or teaching the kids about plants, a mini greenhouse will be your new best friend.

Do you know about a mini greenhouse that you feel should be on our list? Let us know all about it in the comment section below!


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