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vivarium plants

Vivarium Plants You Need to Thrive in Your Tropical Habitat

If you keep amphibians or reptiles as pets, you want to provide them with the best environment possible so they can thrive...
concrete head pot detail showing eyes and small leaved vining ivy

Head Pots Galore! 12 Wonderful, Wacky, Beautiful, and Kitschy Planters

So you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and include houseplants in your home decor. Great! But choosing which species to include...
living plants

Don’t Buy Cut Flowers for Valentine’s! 14 Living Plants They’ll Love...

Flowers represent nature's most potent beauty. So it's no surprise that we've built an entire market around...

12 Reasons You Need A(nother) Houseplant in Your Life

If you are anything like us, 2020 has ended, and your houseplant collection is flourishing. You spent months building your plant collection...
houseplants in winter

Houseplants in Winter: Care, Lighting, Fertilizer, and More

Quarantine has us bursting with houseplants, and while we know how to care for house plants in the winter, we have so...
garden tower 3

Best Grow Tower for Urban Gardening

You'd love to have fresh greens for salads and smoothies, but there's no room on your apartment patio for a garden. What do you...
three potted herb plants sitting in a window

10 Delicious Indoor Herbs You Can Easily Grow Yourself

An empty windowsill or a spot in your sunroom may be the ideal place to grow a...
Hands Gardening

The Many Benefits of Companion Planting

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of companion planting? Read on to learn about how this system will increase your yield and more!

What You Need to Know about Lasagna Gardening

When we hear or see the word "lasagna," of course the first thing that comes to our mind is that deliciously layered saucy...

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