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using coffee grounds in the garden

Why You Should Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Who knew that coffee grounds in the garden is an option? You may have seen your local cafe putting their used coffee grounds outside...
round green tomato

Tomato Suckers – Gardening Review

Can you spot the mistake in the title of this article? The truth is that there are actually no such things as tomato...

Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants For Urban Gardening

Growing plants indoors can be a tricky business, particularly if your room or your office doesn’t receive sufficient light. Fortunately, with the introduction and...
broccoli plants

Broccoli Seeds – Gardening Review

Broccoli, the vegetable that most people love or hate when it's served up in a meal, has become a favorite plant to cultivate in...
Survival Garden 15,000 Heirloom Vegetable Non GMO Seeds

Non Gmo Seeds – Gardening Review

There is considerable debate about whether or not genetically modified or GMO seeds are a positive development. Many people think GMO seeds are a...
Seed Starter Trays

Seed Starter Trays Gardening Review

It is quite remarkable how tiny seeds contain all the necessary information to unfold into a fully grown plant. Inside of the tiny package...
self-watering planters

Best Self Watering Containers for Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is a hot new trend. In cities everywhere, tenants are looking for a way to grow their own herbs and greens for...
person holding mint pot

How To Grow Mint Indoors: Your Ultimate Guide

This article covers the many uses of fresh mint, the different varieties available, and the processes for growing mint indoors in the U.S. First,...
grasshopper on leaf

How to Get Rid of These Common Garden Pests

Image via Pexels Welcome to the world of gardening! Gardening is a rewarding hobby; it also poses many challenges. The biggest problem you’re likely to...

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