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beautiful flower garden inside an apartment using indoor plant stands

Indoor Plant Stands: A Complete Buying Guide

Indoor plants help you breathe better, get along with others, and boost your mood. In addition to health benefits, they're convenient to grow. Indoor...
farmer planting with a seed starter kit

How to Pick the Best Seed Starter Kit for Your Garden

Even if you’ve been working the soil for decades, you can benefit from a good seed starter kit.(1) A highly experienced gardener may want...
Grow Box

Grow Box: The Best Self-Watering Planters

With many to choose from, finding the right grow box is hard. Read our review of the best self-watering planters and how they can benefit your garden.
gardening 101: a beautiful set up of plants on a patio garden

Gardening 101: Turn That Patio Into A Vibrant Garden

You want your patio to stand out, to have that curb appeal that makes it pop. A patio garden is one way to accomplish...
gardens on apartments - perfect examples of apartment gardening

Apartment Gardening: How to Garden in Your Apartment

Apartments are great, in that you don’t have to take care of the maintenance and you can call your landlord with any problems. But...
Organic Gardening: Harvesting Organic Tomatoes

Organic Gardening: The Basics on How to Get Started

Eating organic produce has so many varying benefits. Eating organic leads to better overall health, stronger immune systems, and less illness. But one downside...
Wild fennel

Wild Fennel: The Basics on How to Grow it on Your...

Wild fennel has the appearance of celery but is is quite different, even though it is a close relative. Despite also being a member of...
Cottage Garden

What is A Cottage Garden and How It Works?

Have you always wanted to have a garden but thought it would take a lot of work? What if you could create your own...
getting rid of cabbage worms

How to Get Rid of Cabbage Worms

Do you have a little garden in your backyard and spend most of your time taking care of it? I am sure you would...

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