Flowers and Plants

person holding mint pot

How To Grow Mint Indoors: Your Ultimate Guide

This article covers the many uses of fresh mint, the different varieties available, and the processes for growing mint indoors in the U.S. First,...
Landscape plants and fog

Best Plants for Landscaping

Many people believe the best part of owning your own home is having your own yard. You can create a garden if...
yellow flowers on bucket gardening

How to Get Started with Bucket Gardening

Tell any seasoned gardener that you've taken up bucket gardening and it might earn you a condescending look. Even thinking about it probably...
basic miniature garden

Miniature Garden: Everything You Need To Know

image via: pxhere.comAre you a fan of miniatures? We are too. There’s something just so innocent and cute about a miniature set. One of...
farmer planting with a seed starter kit

How to Pick the Best Seed Starter Kit for Your Garden

Even if you’ve been working the soil for decades, you can benefit from a good seed starter kit.(1) A highly experienced gardener may want...

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