Hi, I’m Melanie Moore, Chief Editor here at Grow Wherever.

My childhood was spent on a small farm in the midwest. I feel fortunate because the love of home and gardening that was cultivated early on is still with me today. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as preparing a meal with fresh herbs and veggies straight from your own backyard

The thing is, I found over the years that you can grow a garden just about anywhere. There are bountiful options for planting whether you’re in the suburbs with a nice size backyard, or in the city where your outdoor space is the size of a balcony. All it takes is a little imagination, some guidance, and a plan.

That’s where Grow Wherever comes in; we’re here to help you with ideas for your gardening spaces. My team and I cover everything from indoor gardens, raised beds, to recipes for your fresh produce. We have lots of ideas for planters, and vertical gardens too because sometimes there’s more space going up a wall then there is on the ground.

We hope you find inspiration here and we’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team.

Grow where you are, Grow Wherever.