Gardening Tools

Self Watering Pots: T4U 6-inch Plastic Self Watering Planter

How to Pick the Best Self Watering Pots

Image from AmazonSelf watering pots are great for busy gardeners who don't have the time to water all of their plants regularly, especially in...
hoop house with a man inside

Our Favorite Hoop Greenhouse Kits

If you are interested in growing your own food all year round, a hoop house kit or greenhouse is an essential part of your...
Fuchsia flowers on black pot

Best Garden Box For You

Some gardening purists out there will tell you there is only one way to start a garden. They will tell you about the joys...
compost with earthworms

How to Make A Worm Farm: A Guide for Beginners

For the uninformed, worm composting is the practice of using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic matter into worm compost, also called...
beautiful flower garden inside an apartment using indoor plant stands

Indoor Plant Stands: A Complete Buying Guide

Indoor plants help you breathe better, get along with others, and boost your mood. In addition to health benefits, they're convenient to grow. Indoor...

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