So you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and include houseplants in your home decor. Great! But choosing which species to include in your plant collection is just half of the fun. You also need to decide what you’ll keep these new green beauties in. If you’re looking for something fun and quirky, look no further than head pots!

Head pots come in all different materials, sizes, and styles. The only thing they all have in common is that they’re shaped like heads.

We agree that the thought of displaying your new pothos or succulent in a disembodied head might sound macabre. These unique containers are anything but.

Let us show you why head pots are one of the biggest home decor trends of the moment!

12 Unique Head Pots That Will (No Pun Intended) Turn Heads

If your interior decor seems to be missing something, a little greenery can certainly help!

Whether you’re investing in your very first houseplant or upgrading an established collection, the container can be just as impactful as the plant itself.

So why not take your home design to the next level with some of these funky, contemporary head pots that are sure to spark up a few conversations?

1. Orlandi Statuary Inc. Apollo Head Planter, White Moss

This Apollo Head Planter looks like it came straight from an Athens garden. It’s 17 inches tall and 11 inches deep, making it the perfect size for larger houseplants or floral arrangements.

Despite the worn, stone-like finish, this head pot is actually made from fiberglass. It’s extremely lightweight and portable (it weighs just eight pounds). This makes it a great option for your plants that thrive outdoors but need to be moved inside for the colder months.

This head planter doesn’t appear to have drainage holes, which is disappointing. If you have the proper tools and safety equipment though, fiberglass is one of the easiest materials to add holes to yourself.

2. Distinctive Designs Pucker Up Kissing Face Weathered Finish Concrete Head Planter

With its cherub-esque appearance, the Pucker Up Planter from Distinctive Designs is one of our favorite head pots.

This planter is the perfect complement to any romantic or Bohemian decor style. We can easily picture this sweet statue holding an overgrown pothos or lush ivy.

It measures 10 inches tall and, surprisingly, weighs less than 7 pounds given its concrete construction.

This head pot does not have any drainage holes. While drilling holes through the cement might be possible, we recommend lining this planter with a smaller pot that drains so you can keep an eye on the water level.

3. Funsoba Ceramics Statue Flower Vase

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If your interior decor leans more toward a modern, avant-garde aesthetic, this Statue Flower Vase is sure to be right up your alley.

This ceramic vase features a sleek white finish and, at 10 inches tall, is the perfect size for displaying on a desk or plant stand.

The statuette even has a hole in the earlobe. You can dress up your new head planter with a stylish earring.

Keep in mind that this is more of a vase than a planter, and doesn’t have any drainage holes. If you’re not experienced with houseplant care, stick to keeping cut flowers or silk plants in this particular head pot.

4. WinDesign Half Face Planter

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If minimalism is more your vibe, then WinDesign’s Half Face Planter might be exactly what you’re looking for.

This stylized head pot comes in several colors, including a striking metallic gold finish.

Each Half Face Planter measures about 4.7 inches tall and 6.3 inches across. It’s the ideal size for a small succulent or a cutting from a larger houseplant.

Perhaps the best part about this head planter is the half-inch drainage hole in the bottom. It also easily doubles as a vase, candle holder, or other types of decor.

5. AIMEBBY Face Flower Pot

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The sweet expression of this Face Flower Pot would look right at home in a quaint fairy garden. But the perfect spot for it would be on your desk, shelf, or dining room table.

This resin head planter is 6.7 inches tall, with a top opening of 3.74 inches. It’s the ideal size for succulents or a small ivy cultivar (both of which will look like hair growing from the planter’s head).

The bottom of this head houseplant pot does include a single drainage hole. It also comes with a rubber stopper, just in case you want to use this planter for cut flowers instead!

6. YIKUSH Face Planter

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Many head pots can be planted to look like they’re growing “hair.” If you’re a fan of this cute houseplant trend, the YIKUSH Face Planter is a perfect example.

In its entirety, this face planter measures just over 8.5 inches tall. The planting cavity is a bit smaller, measuring slightly less than 5 inches deep (the perfect size to hold a 4.3-inch pot if you want to double up).

This planter is made of resin and is non-porous. Fortunately, it does feature a single drainage hole in the bottom.

It also comes with rubber feet to protect whatever surface is underneath.

7. Yanmilia Head Planter

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Not all head pots will suit every sense of style. For those who prefer feminine decor over a simple modern aesthetic, the Yanmilia Head Planter is a great option.

This resin planter features a worn, antique finish and looks like stone from a distance. The vintage-inspired design boasts tons of intricate detail.

In total, the pot measures 7.9 inches tall.

You can display this head pot indoors or outdoors. It includes a single drainage hole in the bottom, though more can be added with the right tools.

8. Youfui Cute Girl-Shaped Flower Pots

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These Girl-Shaped Flower Pots are incredibly cute and come in a set of four to hold all of your houseplants.

Each container features a different girl with hand-painted hair, clothes, and facial details.

These resin head pots are all slightly different sizes, averaging around 3.5 inches tall. The planting space is quite a bit smaller, ranging from about 1.5 to 2 inches deep, depending on the pot.

While these head pots are too small for most houseplants, they’re the perfect size for many succulents and cacti.

Each container has a large drainage hole in the bottom.

9. Ufrount Cartoon Expression Planter Pots

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Realism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If your home decor trends toward the cartoonish, then these Cartoon Expression Planter Pots are perfect for you.

This set includes six head pots, each with a different color and exaggerated facial expression.

They measure 3.6 inches tall and 3.86 inches across, making them ideal for small succulents and cuttings.

Every pot from this set is made of glazed clay and includes a single drainage hole in the bottom. They also come with wood bases to protect your furniture from soil or water damage.

10. POTEY 212121 Ceramic Face Planter

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If you’re on the hunt for a fun, abstract take on the head planter trend, then this POTEY Face Planter set is our top recommendation.

This pair of black-and-white pots will suit almost any home decor style.

Each pot measures 5.4 inches tall and 5.5 inches across. The actually planting space is a bit narrower, measuring just five inches wide.

Made of glazed ceramic, these head pots offer some porosity. More importantly, though, they also include drainage holes with optional stoppers.

While these head pots feature rubber feet to protect the surface beneath, you’ll still want to place something underneath to catch draining water.

11. Panghuhu88 4.9 Inch Concrete Head Planter

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Personally, we love the kitschy aesthetic. But for those interested in a more subdued houseplant container, this Concrete Head Planter fits the bill.

Measuring 5.5 inches tall and 4.9 inches across, these head pots would make the perfect home for an echeveria, cactus, or small aloe vera.

These stylish concrete planters come in sets of three and include one white, one gray, and one brown pot. Each planter also comes with a wood base to catch water from the drainage hole.

12. WinDesign Multi-Face Succulent Planter

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There’s nothing wrong with leaning into the slightly bizarre concept of a head-shaped planter. In fact, we love the idea! This Multi-Face Succulent Planter is the perfect addition to your oddball home decor or patio.

Despite featuring nine human faces, this planter is on the smaller side. It measures 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The actual planting compartment is a bit narrower at four inches across.

While this resin planter is non-porous, it does have a half-inch drainage hole in the bottom.

You can choose from a simple white or black finish or paint the resin surface to suit your own taste!

How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Favorite Houseplants

At the end of the day, what a planter looks like isn’t nearly as important as how it serves the needs of its residents.

If your stylish new head-shaped pot isn’t the right size or doesn’t offer the right amount of drainage, it could spell death for the cacti or spider plant inside!

Here’s what to look for when shopping for containers for your beloved houseplants (whether they’re shaped like heads or not!)

Size really does matter

Everyone likes a little elbow room, right? While you might want to give your plants as much extra space as possible, this isn’t always ideal.

On the one hand, large planters offer plenty of space for your plants to produce new, expansive roots. On the other, too much space can result in compacted soil and poor drainage.

So it’s important to find the perfect balance between too much and too little room when shopping for new pots.

If you already know what plant species will live in your quirky head pot, finding the right fit is easy. Research your houseplant to learn if it prefers a tight or roomy planter.

Don’t take drainage for granted

One of the biggest mistakes amateur plant lovers make is to use containers without drainage holes.

You might have heard that some plants can survive without drainage holes with proper care. While this is technically true, it’s a fool’s errand.

Fortunately, most head pots and planters come with drainage holes already drilled.

If you’ve fallen in love with a hole-less pot or find that your favorite container just isn’t draining enough as-is, you can always drill more holes.

This project is relatively simple if you have the right tools. However, there’s still a risk that your pot will break during the drilling process — proceed with caution.

Embrace your materialistic side

Drainage holes aren’t the only pot feature that can make or break your plant’s soil quality. The material your planter is actually made of can also play a part.

Terra cotta pots are incredibly popular, largely because they’re cheap and go with everything. But did you know that they’re also porous?

Porous pots let moisture escape through the material itself, helping the soil inside dry more evenly. Wood, ceramic, and earthenware pots are also porous.

Alternatively, plastic, fiberglass, and metal planters are not porous at all. The only way for moisture to escape is up or down.

Sometimes, a head pot made from non-porous materials is the only option. If so, it’s incredibly important that you avoid overwatering your plants and ensure there is adequate drainage below.

We’ve All Got Plants on the Brain (Literally)

You don’t need to have an out-of-this-world sense of style to adorn your home with head planter pots. With the right finish and plant choice, these quirky planters can match any decor!

Head pots inspired by ancient Greek and Roman statues look great indoors and out.

You can easily pair these planters with feminine, vintage, or academic decor. Use a statuesque head for houseplants that grow big and wild.

Meanwhile, modern head and face planters pair well with all kinds of contemporary decor.

You can use specific plant species to mimic the look of hair. Or lean into the unsettling look of some head pots for a one-a-kind conversation starter.

However you choose to incorporate these fun planters into your existing decor, one thing is guaranteed. You’ll never look at plain terra cotta pots the same way again!

Which ones did you choose? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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