If you are anything like us, 2020 has ended, and your houseplant collection is flourishing. You spent months building your plant collection by adding new green and flowery friends to your indoor space.

Perhaps you find yourself in a situation where you wonder if your plant obsession is getting a little out of control. Well, it is not. You are in perfect control of building your well-deserved houseplant empire. One could easily argue you need more plants because of all the beautiful benefits houseplants offer their caretakers.

1. Sense of Accomplishment

There has never been a moment like now with social distancing efforts and having to stay home to wish to connect with someone.

Since contact with others is limited these days, the routine of the day tends to become even more limiting as we have less unique experiences to brighten the day.

That is where houseplants come in as saviors. Caring for houseplants takes the edge out of mundane day-to-day tasks.

Houseplants require attention, and in return, they thrive. As your plants thrive, you feel accomplished, and you are contributing positively to your world even if the world feels small right now.

2. Deep Breaths and Calm Down

Woman with plants

Having plants in your home reduces not only psychological stress but physiological stress, as well.

The interaction with plants works to help your body produce its own antidepressants by triggering serotonin release. Interaction with plants means the daily and weekly care you give your plants, talking to them, and repotting them as they grow.

This stress-reduction happens because your heart rate goes down, and you get a feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

With everything going on in the world, this alone is a great reason to fill your home with plants.

3. I Feel So Disconnected, and I Like It

It is easy to get sucked into an online presence and create distractions by staring at your phone.

The conditions of the world right now and wondering what happens next create a lot of anxiety. It is easy to doom-scroll online, which manifests even more stress.

Pulling the plug from technology to focus on your houseplants will give you a break from the doom and gloom.

Also, investing that time to watch and see something grow because of your care is a special and unique reward.

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4. I Feel So Close to You Right Now

There has never been a moment like now with the social distancing efforts and having to stay home to wish to be around others. Even introverts sometimes want to be around others.

Taking a break from technology to focus on something alive is fantastic, and houseplants help humans feel connected with something natural.

Since face-to-face interactions are at an all-time low right now, buying plants helps fill the crippling void of loneliness.

Plants respond to sound, so instead of talking to yourself, say nice things to your plants and watch them grow.

5. It Is Easier than You Think

Water Plant

Often potential plant owners shy away from houseplants because they struggle to keep things alive or feel as though houseplants are not worth the trouble.

However, this is not true.

Several houseplants are fantastic for those who cannot keep things alive.

For instance, spider plants are magnificent plants that do well in hanging baskets or just in a pot. These plants create baby spider plants that drape off the plant’s sides, making an impressive display of plant glory.

Snake plants are another hard-to-kill option for newbie plant-parents. Snake plants like light, but they are okay with neglect. These plants also tend to make snake plant babies easily so that you can add to your collection.

6. Keep it Clean

Plants are fantastic for humans because plants use photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. Even better than cleaning carbon dioxide from the air, plants remove toxins, as well.

Now, there is no real way to know how many plants you need in your house to effectively work as a purifier because NASA did their testing in a sealed room.

Obviously, your best option is to add as many houseplants as you can manage. We give you permission. It is for science, really, and who can argue with that?

7. Oh, the Humidity!

Houseplants can increase the humidity in your home, which can help with issues related to dry air. Nosebleeds, anyone?

Plants take the water from the soil to hydrate their leaves and stems. The plants use some of the water for their own needs; however, the rest evaporates. This process is called transpiration.

Some plants are better at raising the humidity levels in your home. Houseplants with small leaves like desert plants or succulents are not the best options.

However, plants with large leaves that can absorb more light through photosynthesis are the best at increasing humidity in your space.

8. Sleep Easy

It is not just the purified air that is amazing. Houseplants help your breath at night, too.

Many plants are active at night, such as the snake plant, which means they actively absorb carbon dioxide at night.

Other night active plants to consider are aloe vera and the neem tree, to name a couple.

Also, the bamboo palm takes it a step further and cleans formaldehyde from the air, just in case this was a concern you have.

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9. Peace and Quiet


If you ever needed a reason to fill your home with plants, you will have one now. If you live in a noisy area with a lot of outside noise filtering into your home, plants can help.

All parts of a houseplant work to absorb sound.

However, for effective noise-canceling, you must remember the amount of plants matter. Therefore, you need more houseplants.

The size of the plant and the surface area of the leaves make a difference. Clearly, you need plenty of large plants, as well.

Also, pay attention to how you display your plants for noise reduction. Plants should be at the perimeter of your space, so the sound waves that vibrate off the walls have a chance for absorption by the plants.

10. I Feel So Productive

If you find yourself sluggish and unmotivated to accomplish your tasks and responsibilities, you are getting a clear signal that you must buy more houseplants.

Research proves that even though plants do not have a work-related function, having plants in workspaces increases productivity.

We feel it is a valid reason to buy another houseplant or three.

11. It is a Generational Thing

It may seem odd to think of houseplants or gardening being generational, but it often is.

Younger generations may find themselves newly interested in houseplants due to circumstances of the chaos that is 2020. Still, many witnessed an older family member indulge in the joy of gardening and houseplants.

It makes sense that level of joy makes an imprint as young adults pick up the habit of keeping houseplants.

Also, it is a fantastic bridge in a generational relationship because of a shared passion. For instance, if you have been socially distancing from your mom out of concern, talking to her about houseplants will help you feel closer.

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12. Going to Need You to Stay in Your Lane

If you are getting the side-eye from your partner every time you eyeball a new plant or bring one home, remind them of all the great reasons why it’s worthwhile to invest in the houseplant hobby.

Many new plant wonders feel the end to hide their plant habit to avoid detection. Many quietly add to their collection subtly until the collection starts to take over the room

It is easy to feel guilty about any type of self-care, but if you feel bad for investing in your houseplants – do not do this.

Buy your houseplants because they please you and be happy.

Where Did These Bugs Come From?

One reason plant parents shy away from houseplants is the concern about pests.

Yes, pests are annoying. When you keep houseplants, they create a perfect environment that some bugs just love.

However, the pests are a lot easier to contend with than you think. Many pests require insecticides or fungicides to manage. Fortunately, some products are safe for plants and pets that handle more than one problem.

Just be sure to spray the leaves and the soil’s tops and underside to prevent and eliminate fungus issues, spider mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, and much more.

Also, if you find fungus gnats are taking over, and you do not want to use a spray, look into sticky fly traps.

Another fun option for houseplant pest control is the use of carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap, pitcher plants, or butterwort.

Creating Your Plant Space

Indoor Garden

There are several ways you can display your plants even if you think you do not have the room. If anyone tries to tell you differently, you can educate them on all your options.

Freestanding shelving dedicated to houseplants is an excellent option for houseplant display.

Hanging planters of varying length give you a lot of opportunities to take advantage of prime window space. Macrame hangers are making a come-back, although many would argue they never actually left the houseplant scene.

If your ceilings are high, you can add a shelf above your windows from which you can anchor your plants. Be sure to look for wood shelves so you can add the anchor hooks.

Also, there are plenty of wall brackets to add to the wall surface from which to hang plants. Just be sure you keep in mind how far the plant needs to hang from the wall or winder. For instance, a four-inch small pot will not need as much wall clearance compared to an eight-inch pot.

Also, window ledges and bathrooms are fantastic options, as well. Most houseplants are tropical or subtropical in nature, and they love humidity.

For instance, snake plants, prayer-plants, and even ferns love high humidity. Therefore, make sure your light conditions are suitable and fill your bathroom with the added tranquility of houseplants.

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In the End, Buy the Plant

Houseplants are addictive and fun. However, there is so much joy to be had fiddling around and caring for plants.

We find the additional work pleasing because it enables us to see the fruits of our labor.

Plants grow and even bloom under the care and words of their caretakers.

Buying and keeping houseplants is rewarding, improves your emotional and physical health, and gives you something rewarding and productive to do with your time.

What houseplant did you buy today? Answer in the comments!

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